Makeover! at Sübsamsøñ

Two-Fer featured in Makeover! at Sübsamsøñ, organized by the Boston LGBTQIA Artist Alliance (BLAA) and was on view from October 7 – 24, 2015. Press release from the exhibition: 

Sübsamsøñ and the BLAA are proud to present Makeover!, a group show of 18 Boston-affiliated/based artists whose work considers reshaping, modifying and updating the self. The pieces range from portraiture and performance to sculpture and abstraction. 

With the loss of a permanent space at the former MALE Center, Boston LGBTQIA Artist Alliance (BLAA) is undergoing a makeover and re-examining its own identity and mission. The pieces come from a broad spectrum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual viewpoints. These artists recognize queer identities as inherently open to change, and that growing into a queer identity is a form of makeover. The work acknowledges a freedom and empowerment in the ability to constantly re-invent oneself. At the same time, other pieces dwell on the vulnerability required for these moments of change - in both cases, the work captures a specific point in a metamorphic journey.

Makeover! features a variety of artistic approaches and media, including artists:
Casey Ausman, Fred Ata and Melissa Boyajian, Caleb Cole, Giancarlo Corbacho, Robyn Day, Lauren Gillette, Brian Glaser, Madge of Honor, James Helenski, Dylan Hurwitz, Geena Matuson, Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo & Andrew Mroczek, Rosie Ranauro, Lenny Schnier, Tom Maio, Robert Siegelman

About BLAA:
Over the years the Boston LGBTQIA Artist Alliance (BLAA) has put on 15 events, including 7 exhibitions, with associated potluck gatherings, artist talks and free film screenings. BLAA was born out of the desire to unite and elevate the visibility of Boston-area LGBTQIA- identified artists, as well as from the frustration of the lack of a dedicated space for LGBTQIA- identified artists to share their work. BLAA has previously - perhaps unintentionally - catered to a primarily white gay male-centric audience, and it is the hope of its new leadership to live up to its mission of inclusivity. It is our hope that our newest exhibition, along with upcoming associated programming will serve to bring us closer to this goal.